Race car, Skulls and Flame

Custom Wood Burning

Artist here at Rage tried out some wood burning and created this little Gem.  Its 1911 wood grips with custom epoxy in-layed cartridge.

Stay tuned for more creations!

Carlsbad Cavemen and Cavegirls adopt new logos designed here

Cavemen 2018

Nate aka n8 here at Rage designed new Caveman and Cavegirl logos which were adopted by the local Carlsbad High School as a next generation logo!  Read the full article here:

Rage Airbrush remodel

Hello and welcome to the new Rage Airbrush and Design web page.  Due to some technical difficulties, we had to re-build the page and are still in the process of improving it as we speak!

Please feel free to follow us on Facebook, this is where we will post most of our artistic projects.  Also feel free to browse around the site here!!

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