Art around us

In today's age, just about everything we touch, view, or use has had some sort of artist involved in creating that item.  Cars, clothing, furniture, phones and buildings all designed by some sort of artist or person with a creative eye.  Most of the time, these items begin as a simple sketch which is then taken to some other sort of media (computer, canvas, etc..)  to add in the details.  Artists do not get enough recognition for their creations and their effort that was put in to the items that we all cherish and spend a fortune on. 

Everyone views art differently. Some look at art prices and lose their minds, others look at the artwork and fall in love.  Always remember that it took some creative thinking and time to create that items or art piece you may be eye-balling.

So the next time you see an artist doodling on a notepad or creating a masterpiece, give him or her a pat on the shoulder and say "Thanks"..