Art by Fire

Lets think back to the early days of art when humans were running around half naked on the back of animals and living off the land.  Back then, artists were considered a dire necessity in order to survive.  Pottery was an early form of art however, back then, it was a requirement for every day life. 

Think about how frustrating it was for those early humans to have to figure out ways to transport water or even storage solutions for perishables. Just imaging how many failed pieces of pottery and design lead to tons of frustration for those artistic humans who had nobody to ask for advice or Google to depend on.  This is what I call "Art by Fire" - displaying ones ability to fail and test his/her true determination while performing under pressure.  The true meaning of being human is to be able to fail then pick up the pieces and start again.  As a race we have learned this over time and in todays world, art is overlooked and under-acknowledged.

Learning while we fail yet starting over - stronger, smarter and with more determination.  Young artists should thrive to be better than they were previously, always improving and striding to master their media while staying mentally flexible.